WarTech Designs
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Longtime fabricator of weapons for warfare, WarTech has some of the top designs available.
(all craft not depicted to scale)

F-40 & F-40C Vulcan (star fighter)

HS:1 HP:8 Powerplant: single sub-Atomic A
ADF:5 MR:5 DCR:30 Crew: 1
Armament: Assault Rocket (x3)
Defenses: RH
Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace Radio, Radar, Videocom, Auto-Eject Module, Streamlined

Alarm (1), Analysis (3), Assault Rocket (1), Astrogation (1), Auto Eject (2), Computer Lockout (4), Damage Control (1), Drive (4), Information Storage (1), Laser Cannon (1), Life Support (1), Maintenance (1)

A longtime mainstay of the UPF Spacefleet, the updated C (convertible) model became the first fighter craft accepted into the Star Fighter Corps. The craft can be outfitted with two different weapons configurations: a long range Pod Laser system for deep patrol missions or three Assault Rockets for heavy assault duty. The craft can be recalled to base for a quick exchange to either weapons system.

Sovereign Virtue I-76 Enforcer (heavy fighter)

HS:2 HP:16 Powerplant: shielded inboard/outboard Atomic A drive
ADF:3 MR:4 DCR:45
Armamament: PL, AR(x2), IB
Defenses: RH, DS(6hp)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar, Videocom, AEM, Streamlined

Alarm (1), Analysis (4), Assault Rocket (1), Astrogation (4), Auto Eject (2), Computer Lockout (4), Damage Control (1), Drive (4), Information Storage (1), Laser Battery (1), Laser Cannon (1), Life Support (1), Maintenance (1)

WarTech's sibling micro-corporation "Sovereign Virtue" belted out this fantastic heavy duty multi-purpose fighter many decades ago. It's an older design that has been upgraded over the years following WarTech's funding of the company, and has slowly become known as the "workhorse of the Frontier" by Star Fighter Corps pilots. The Enforcer's shielded atomic drive does not have a governor installed, so it is interstellar capable. The vessel's lacking performance is made up by an ability to take a severe beating by fighter standards, the rocket payload along with two different beam weapon systems (a forward firing pod laser and an Ion Gun Turret) makes it a versatile craft well suited for many roles. The new Deflector Screen defense system is a recent upgrade, the I-76 was the first fighter craft to be equipped with it and as a result it can sustain even greater amounts of punishment.


HS: 2  HP: 12  Powerplant: twin sub-Atomic A
ADF: 5  MR: 4  DCR: 40  Crew: 2
Armament: PL(x2) or AR(x4) or PL + AR(x2)
Defense: RH

Following the success of the F-40C, WarTech released a twin cockpit version of the craft for long range duty. SFC rejected the design as it didn't see the need for two pilots, let alone in separate cockpits, but the craft is still very effective in planetary defense duties.

F-3 Viper heavy fighter

HS: 2  HP: 15  Powerplant: twin sub-Ion A
ADF: 4  MR: 4  DCR: 40  Crew: 1
Armament: PL(LR), AR(x2)
Defense: RH

The earliest heavy fighter designs is the Viper, dating back to just after the first Sathar War. The Viper has been consistently upgraded over the decades and remains a formidable craft. The Viper saw a very brief term of service with the SFC during the early years, but it was quickly phased out by newer heavy fighters (although the I-76 can hardly be considered new).

F-20 Arrow

HS: 1  HP: 7  Powerplant: 2 sub-Atomic A
ADF: 6  MR: 5  DCR: 30  Crew: 1
Armament: PL, AR(x2)
Defense: RH

WarTech's latest entry in the light fighter arena will be the Arrow, a well armed and snappy accelerator. Rumors lead to a possible Defletor Screen system as well, assuming it can be added without infringement on the performance.

SF-1 Dagger

HS: 2  HP: n/a  Powerplant: four, possibly Atomic A
ADF: n/a  MR: n/a  DCR: 40?  Crew: 1-2
Armament: several FF systems + turret
Defense: n/a

The Dagger is WarTech's latest top secret creation which will soon be released to the Corps for duty. Little is known about the new high tech Tactical Fighter, aside from a few spy holo-photos from test flights, but it promises to be a heavily armed and high performance interstellar-capable fighter craft. It also promises to boast a high price tag...but WarTech feels the craft will be worth every credit. Only Yayax Transport's prototype Knight Hawk poses a threat to the future contract for the next generation heavy fighter, but WarTech feels the higher price tag of the Hawk will quickly sink the Dagger's blade into the contract.