Yayax Transport Designs
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Yayax Transport, manufacturer of the ever popular small para-military transports, offers up a pair of prototype designs for the next generation tactical star fighters in both the light and heavy fields.

YT-100 "Phoenix" Tactical Fighter

HS: 1  HP: n/a  Powerplant: twin SC Ion A?
ADF: n/a  MR: n/a  DCR: n/a  Crew: 1-2
Armament: twin FF systems
Defense: n/a

Yayax Transport is working on two prototype fighter designs, with the Phoenix being a prime candidate to be contracted out to SFC. It has one controversial aspect: a profile that resembles a Sathar Fighter...it remains to be seen if this will be viewed as a drawback or not. YTS feels that the craft's nimble and aggressive performance coupled with advanced fire control should quickly overcome any initial thoughts concerning the visual appearance.

A-5 Knight Hawk advanced tactical fighter

HS: 2  HP: n/a  Powerplant: twin SC-Ion A
ADF: n/a  MR: n/a  DCR: n/a  Crew: n/a
Armament: several FF systems + RF turret
Defense: n/a

The basic lines of the Zuraqqor fighters inspired Yayax's heavy fighter design, adding further controversy to their designs. They utilized a slew of their own tweaks to arrive with a protoype for the next generation advanced tactical fighter, designed in accordance to demands laid out by Mercenary Starbase who doesn't seem to mind the 2.5MCr price tag of each unit. Whether SFC opts for a contract remains to be seen, but 2.5 mill seems rather steep for the Corps so it is quite unlikely. YT has managed to keep the lid on this design very tightly, so aside from a holovid of a test flight little is known about these menacing craft.