Star Fighter Corps craft
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Following is a list of craft that current players of Wing Commander have qualified on

^^^ T-98 Talon ^^^
First craft flown during Flight School

T-3 Crescent >>>
Next scheduled training session entails two person cooperation missions
<<< HT-35 Vindicator
Final stage of flight school entails heavy fighter training
First Combat Craft >>>

Firebird Squadron leader Zachary "Zack" Tyler put the grads through their first mission with the Gunfighter. What started out as a live fire training exercise ended up turning into lethal combat with a new Sathar light fighter squadron!

<<< 2 person craft
A capture mission required the squadron to relocate to Gran Quivera's militia and their first foray in a multi-crew live fire scenario using the RF-41 Seeker, equipped with pod lasers and ion guns so the crew (consisting of a pilot and astro-gunner to assist with the firing sequences) had the choice of "stun or kill". The group also recieved their first taste of the recently acquired Deflector Screen defense system with this mission.


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